About Me


My name is Tiffany Johnson, and I am a Physician Assistant, a Wife, Mom, and an Author.  I live in the Hampton Roads area of VA, and I’m married to the love of my life, my husband, Ed. Together, we have created two beautiful, smart and sassy daughters, who have shown me that unconditional love is real and is a gift from God.

As a Physician Assistant, I have practiced medicine for over a decade and in various specialties. I have treated patients of all ages, however, my passion is treating children. Naturally, children exude a sense of innocence and joy even when they’re not feeling well. They are resilient little beings who deserve to be loved and kept safe.

I have a passion for protecting children and educating parents and caregivers on illness and injury prevention.  One issue that I’ve felt compelled to take a stand on is child sexual abuse.

This topic is considered taboo in today’s society however it’s a problem that affects many children and negatively impacts their lives even into adulthood. My goal is to shed light on this issue and educate others so that we can fight together and prevent young people from becoming victims of child sexual abuse.

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