Tiffany S. Johnson


Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson is a speaker, author, physician assistant, wife and mom. She is a strong advocate for protecting children from sexual abuse. Using her 4-step method, Your Child Safe From Secrets Plan, she teaches parents how to keep their kids safe from sexual abuse and help them to have easy and open conversations, empowering their children to speak up and tell someone when boundaries have been crossed.


Tiffany is a dynamic speaker that serves her audience by providing information that is evidence-based and that deals with real-life situations.  Her audience will feel confident in implementing the knowledge gained,  to safeguard their children from sexual abuse.


Tiffany Johnson’s new book, Your Child Safe From Secrets: How to Protect Kids from Sexual Abuse and Manage the Aftermath, is a comprehensive guide for parents and caregivers to recognize the signs and prevent child sexual abuse. It will provide direction on how to have open communication with their child using age-appropriate terms concerning their bodies, knowing appropriate boundaries, inappropriate and appropriate touching. Parents will be able to empower their child to recognize strange behaviors of others and have the confidence to tell a trusted adult when anyone violates these boundaries.


Past Audience Includes:

"I had a great time with Tiffany on my radio show, she gave lots of vital information on how to keep kids safe from sexual abuse. There are times I have to work hard to keep the flow of the conversation going but that was not the case with Tiffany. Her passion and energy were evident during her interview on The Common Good Show.
Juanita Farrow
Author, Radio & TV host, Entrepreneur
"Great Health and Wellness Forum. Thank you so much for the wonderful information you shared!"
D. Raymure

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